Essential Oil Spray



Essential oils should always have a carrier oil to help reduce skin sensitivity and ensure that topical application is safe. We use fractioned coconut oil which has a long shelf life and is ideal for dry or troubled skin. Our essential oils are provided in 15 ml (appx 0.5 oz) glass essential oil bottles. We offer four essential oils all based with lavender oil. Lavender,
Zen (Lavender Lemon)
Bliss (Lavender Orange)
Defence (a combination or essential oils which may help boost the immunity – tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, myrtle and spruce therapeutic essential oils.)
Our oils are pure, with no synthetic colours or fragrances


Lavender Essential Oil Spray, Zen (Lavender Lemon) Essential Oil Spray, Bliss (Lavender Orange) Essential Oil Spray, Defence Remedy Spray


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